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A blog of an unpublished author? So what… I don’t give a hoot.

I hear you. Give me 250 words to convince you to stick around. If you’re not interested by the end, we’ll part as friends. Deal?

If I’m a writer, you’ll want to know what I write about, right? See if it floats your boat. I write young adult and new adult fiction; dabbling in romance, dystopia, fantasy, and many more. I write what I love to read.

What am I working on now? Valid question. I’m currently on the second draft of a romance involving far-off lands, royalty and a quest. It’s been my “story baby” for the last few years, but for 2021 I’m focusing all my energy on it.

But if ‘m unpublished, how will you know if you like my style? I’m way ahead of you. Check out my Freebies page. Have a read. See what you think. I’ll add more as time goes by.

Still with me? Great! What can you expect from my blog? Well, I’ll post something every week (unless life gets in the way). I’ll try to entertain and inform. Come along for the ride.

That’s it, folks. You made it through a blog post of an unpublished author. That wasn’t so painful, was it? Hope I’ve earned a “hoot” now. Owl be seeing you around (^_~)

P.S. You can count the words if you like.

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